A Hindu Fusion Wedding: Classic with a Modern Twist of Vibrancy!

To say that Mehul and Ashley’s wedding was one that will go down in the books for us as one of our favorite is an understatement. Though favorite just seems like too plain of  word to describe the whirlwind of an event that was Mehul and Ashley’s Hindu Fusion Wedding! This couple had a dream team of vendors that were able to create a vision that truly embodied the meaning of fusion. From the vibrant colors – to the classic touches of crystal chandeliers – to the projections of traditional indian patterns, we are able to use our lighting design to fuse together the threads that truly represented this couple’s love story!

Here is what the bride Ashley had to say about her wedding style,

“Because we had several events, it was hard for us to focus on 1 specific theme or palette of colors. Instead, we choose a separate color scheme for each event. We kept the Catholic ceremony simple, yet bright, with yellows, pinks, and a hint of turquoise (to remain consistent with the colorful bridesmaid saris). The Garba was going to be our “brightest” event and we played off our outfit colors and selected hot pink and orange, in addition to hints of green.

We wanted softer colors on Saturday so we opted for a blush pink lighting during the Hindu wedding and carried that over to the Reception as well, while also incorporating lots of champagne gold, ivory, and slight undertones of navy.”

Our involvement in their events was focused on the events that we were set to take place at the Renaissance Portsmouth-Norfolk Waterfront Hotel and our task was large – like almost as large as the elephant the couple arrived to their Baraat Ceremony on – you know in the streets of Portsmouth!

We needed to take the same room that was going to be set to be used Friday for their Garba,  transform it overnight for the next morning’s Hindu ceremony (set to end at 1pm) and then flip the room once more so that it looked completely different for the over 500 guests to enter for the fusion reception at 5pm— you know, no big deal! Here a before photos of the room so as you look through the photos you can see where we started and were we ended up!



We started with the Garba on Friday, which was set to be the brightest of the events for the weekend – so naturally cue the lights! With the tone set by the bride picking a color palette of pink, orange, and mint- we were off to the races. Accompanying the up-lighting we added pattern projection and a wash of the Garba & dancing to complete the design.

61740-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-66  61744-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-70      61745-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-72  61746-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-73  61747-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-74 61741-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-67

After the Garba we spent the night transforming the room for their Hindu ceremony which we wanted to change pace with by creating a soft, very natural feel. Taking input from the design team that the mandap was going to be made of wood and there was going to be a very branchy feel to the event we decided to match the side walls with a branchy tree pattern projection, wash their stage and aisle in light, as well as keep with the tradition of the Hindu ceremony by projecting the Ganesh on the back wall to be seen as participants came down the aisle.

61785-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-125 61781-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-118 61782-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-121 61783-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-123 11168912_1131258266899588_8709826831069145878_n 11357215_1131258420232906_4670729308129306871_o 11377368_1131258460232902_6367272217414106060_n 11269778_1131258206899594_974608388417911637_o 2015-05-31-Thomson-Patel-006   AshleyMehulWed2015_0075

Once the Hindu ceremony was over the clock was ticking for us to transform the room… there were so many moving parts that had to be changed in the next four hours that it took several meetings, phone calls, emails, and a whole lot of pros to just get the logistics of how to make this grand of a flip happen for over 500 people in a matter of 4 hours!! Yep, that is us tooting our own horn- toot toot!

The elements we contributed to this stunning reception design were a mix of classic and traditional. The up-lights were the base and from there we added back in an indian lace pattern while lighting the cake and tables with pin spots and adorning the cake with an elegant crystal chandelier! The dance floor & stage were washed to highlight all first dances, toasts, & of course the couple. We later added moving lights to the dance floor to create the upbeat dancing environment they desired!

11393172_1131258576899557_6577484951876157420_n 61845-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-9  61846-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-158 11108346_1131258780232870_6712222916911697384_n 11244578_1131258506899564_7010146102545878465_n 10915055_1131258123566269_2731442801152128653_oAshleyMehulWed2015_009261840-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-4  61847-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-159AshleyMehulWed2015_009461848-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-161 61851-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-164

61849-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-162 AshleyMehulWed2015_008761853-Regetis_Ashley_Mehul_May2015-173   11107177_1131258356899579_3637499150581529509_n AshleyMehulWed2015_0103

Check out the final product and the video of how the flow of the whole weekend turned out! What a celebration it was, and isn’t that just what you want to walk away saying after a 5 day event celebrating the union, traditions, and love of a very special couple! Congrats Mehul & Ashley!


Planning & Design: KIS (cubed) Events | Photography: Regeti’s Photography | Mehndi Artists: Bridal Elements Hair & Makeup | Floral & Decor: Partyland Event Design Boutique | Cinematography: Boomtown Film Co. | Venue: Renaissance Portsmouth-Norfolk Waterfront Hotel | Cakes & Treats: My Cake Delights | Floral & Decor: Partyland Sajawat | Catering: Nawab Indian Cuisine | Catering: Hot ‘N Spicy | DJs & Entertainment: Dynasty Entertainment | Lighting: Stage Right Lighting | Hair & Makeup: Elizabeth Paschall | Bridal Fashion: Image Boutique Shop | Bridal Jewelry: Mukt Jewellers