Taking Chandeliers from Wedding Decor to a Cherished Keepsake!

Many would argue the use of  chandeliers isn’t a new trend, and we would have to agree. With our spin on the chandelier’s classic use, we are able to take your chandelier as a decor piece from your event to a piece of your love story that decorates your home – by permanently installing your wedding chandelier in your desired location after the event!

Working with a large lighting company – like Stage Right Lighting – that specializes in all aspects of lighting  from special events to permanent lighting installations gives you access to their manufacture networks, which creates a much broader selection of fixtures at wholesale prices. As a dealer for many different lighting suppliers we have an almost endless selection of styles and sizes you can choose from to create your focal point in your event.

Often times wow, luxurious, classic, elegant are words that many Brides use to explain how they want to feel when they walk into their reception. Chandeliers can be a very grand way to not only bring that feel but create an adornment to the vast space above the dance floor. Here are some examples of ways we have used chandeliers over the dance floor to create a warm, glowing canopy that becomes the centerpiece for the dance floor.

visit Chandelier4 visit Chandelier12Chandelier5


The most excited transition we have made in the realm of chandelier is the the move from renting the chandelier for the event night to allowing clients to purchase their desired chandelier and then installing of the chandelier in the couple’s home after the event! The chandelier is first ordered and build in our warehouse and then installed in the event as designed with your lighting designer, then after the wedding we delivery the chandelier to the couple’s home and our professionals from our installation department install the chandelier. With the option we have been able to take something that you heightens your decor of your event and turn it into a daily reminder “as a memory of your special day” as explained by our friends from Little Pink Book, Jamaica:

Imagine your picking your chandelier and seeing it in the catalog, and then having the million pieces put together for you in our warehouse, then walking into your reception with it hanging,

Screen-Shot-2013-05-07-at-5.43.25-PM 20130905_104233 1294582_731403483540127_729403782_o

only to come home from your honeymoon and find the same chandelier accenting your home looking like this:

Wonderful Walk In Closet Luxury Crystal Chandelier Waterfront Estate Room7 Room1


Are you inspired? If this is a trend you would like to incorporate into your event give us a call and we can setup a free consultation not only for the design of your event but also to design where your chandelier will be displayed in your home! Call or email Caroline at 757.570.1374;

(Photo Credit (in order of appearance): Will King Photography, Private Photo, Will King Photography, Private Photo, Echard Wheeler Photography)

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