An Ode to the Color Green


When working with Couples planning their color schemes for lighting it is more times than not, when we ask them what color they don’t want to see at the wedding they say green! So on the is St.Patty’s day we want to do a little “Ode to Green” and give some love to the color green, and shed some light (pun-intended) on how great green can look when used at the appropriate times during an event!

Last year’s Pantone color of the year was Emerald (a deep green). When the Pantone color of the year comes out it is often that it becomes very popular in the event world, but we really didn’t see the 2013 color catch on at all!

When choosing lighting colors for an event it is different than choosing floral colors or even bridesmaid dress colors because lighting colors are going to be case across the entire room and are used to evoke a mood as much as they are used to create decor in the space. When thinking about the mood that green evokes psychologists say that green is calming, refreshing color. Proof of this theory is supported by the author of Color Psychology, David Johnson, stating “people waiting to appear on TV sit in “green rooms” to relax. Hospitals often use green because it relaxes patients. Brides in the Middle Ages wore green to symbolize fertility. Dark green is masculine, conservative, and implies wealth. However, seamstresses often refuse to use green thread on the eve of a fashion show for fear it will bring bad luck.”

So now that you know all the fun ways green is used in everyday life, here are a few examples of how we have been successful in using the color green in our event lighting design!

We often only incorporate green into the early parts of the event’s lighting design, like the “walk-in look”, when the theme allows. Mardi Gras, Peacock, Christmas/Holiday, Olympic, & Tropical themed events area all examples of events that we’ve used a lot of green!

884568_10151526613047103_198349189_o 20130918_212651 Rotunda-Up-lighting-Christmas

Green is a great color to use as a complement to other colors and really give a vibrant feel to the room. Here are some of the colors we have using in conjunction with green.

cary-cary-419 1272815_10100604606066703_1572195443_o IMG_4392 00252

Ombre or gradient lighting has is another trend where we can use varying shades of green throughout the room to give a rolling effect to the walls and add some interest. Here is just a sampling of the different shades of green that can be used in up-lighting.


At wedding it is popular to use the turquoise colors for more of the formal parts of the night and then once the dancing gets kicked up a vibrant green is a great accent to throw in for the lighting as it is mimicking the music being played.

cary-cary-323 Screen-Shot-2013-06-12-at-1.57.52-PM cary-cary-400 Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7416_copy Burgess_Browning_Justin_Hankins_Photography_0146 norfolk_botanical_gardens_wedding_00054pp_w890_h594

Lastly, we cannot forget when creating a rainbow effect around the room, we would be lost with out the color green!


Hopefully this has enlightened you on some great uses for the color green and how it can be incorporated into your next event!

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