Inspiration: Unique Ways to Showcase Military Service In Your Decor!

Being a Military Bride is not only a honor and privileged, but also a great excuse to get creative with decor. We have some great ideas for unique military decor that can often times be cost saving, now who doesn’t love that!

Do you have a venue that needs a little draping? Is your Groom part of the Army Parachute Team, or a Pilot? How about using a Parachute ad your ceiling draping. We can light it from behind so you have a great romantic glow! If the string light look does not fit your recpetion style we can put color changing LED lights behind the drape and give it an all over color glow.

Bride__Groom_Under_Parachute_ Hanger_Warehouse_Parachute_ Parachute_Green_Backlit_ Parachute_with_Lights_Behind

Often times when thinking of parachutes you may dismiss the idea because of the color of the fabric, but parachutes come in any color you can imagine. Check out this beautiful light pink parachute we found.

Pink_Parachute_for_Draping_ pinkparachute


Not only are these a great decor element but they can dramatically cut down your cost on ceiling draping. It is extra special when you can use an element that will mean something to you and give guest insight on your new spouses’ career!

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