Purples, Blues, and Leopard Prints, Oh My: Jason & Denise’s Gorgeous Leopard Themed Wedding

Denise Maclin & Jason Knight had their wedding reception at the Sheraton Waterside on October 13, 2012.  Their concept for the event was based around leopard print and blues & purples. We were able to project their monogram on the air wall to give it some interest above their candy table. We also keep the leopard theme going by projecting the print on the dance floor. This daytime reception was especially fun because we were able to bring their personalities into the design; for example Denise was on the dance team at George Mason so we were able to put her school colors up while she and her teammates did their fight song dance! Here are a few of the amazing images that were provided by Herman V.Brandt Photography !!

Here are a few words from the Bride on what she thought about Stage Right Lighting: “Jason and I wanted our wedding reception to be memorable and exciting as well. We knew that we wanted to add lighting, but we didn’t know what route to go. I had come across an advertisement for lighting from Stage Right on Facebook and decided to give it a try. When Jason and I met with Caroline and those who worked with the company, we were thoroughly impressed with the professional nature of the company. We not only talked about what Jason and I wanted, but we were also shown demos of what could be done and what options we had. That had sold both Jason and I and we knew then that we were going to get a very good quality light show.
Stage Right Lighting really helped make our visions a reality. We wanted something unique and decided to go with a leopard print gobo on the dance floor. Everything they did from the uplights to our monogram was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for a better night.
If any bride asked for recommendations on lighting companies, I would definitely let them know about Stage Right Lighting. The staff is very friendly and they are willing to work with you on every little detail. They are all very professional and the product that they produce is high quality and definitely worth looking in to having lighting at their event.”

Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7512_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7539_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7635_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-8033_copy Herman_V.Brandt_delaware_wedding_photographer_-_Kris_and_Kendal-7519_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-0008_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7149_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7234_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7267_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7272_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7286_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7320_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7416_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7465_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7480_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7487_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7259_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7404_copy Herman_V.Brandt_wedding_photographer-_Denise_and_Jason-7507_copy

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