Hitting it Out of the Park: Cary & Cary’s Baseball Themed Wedding Design

We are so excited to show off Cary & Cary’s wedding we lit at the Science Museum of Richmond with the coordination and guidance of Stephanie at Antonia Christianson Events. We had so much fun with the couple, not only was it fun trying to keep up with which Cary we were talking about at any given moment (since the couple has the same name, spelled the same way!), but we had a blast watching their baseball themed reception ideas grow into an elegant concept that truly represented them as a couple.

cary-cary-270 cary-cary-265


What we love so much about weddings and special events is every event is different whether we are doing the standard staples (up-lighting, pin spots, dance floor wash, & a monogram) and we do some really intricate programming with the up-lights, or like in this case we are able to come up with some exciting design ideas that let us stray away from the standards. One of the great things about lighting is our ability to look at a room and enhance the features the couple love and hide the ones they do not! The Science Museum of Richmond’s event space is an old train station, so we certainly wanted to emphasize the features of the venue like the ceiling remind you of that unique feature.  In this case the venue has a second level ledge that lent itself perfectly to adding a second layer of up-lights so we could do some really neat effects in their reception. In these photos you can see we were not only able to light the ceiling, but we able to have it change colors independently of the walls to give the room a really neat feel as the dancing ensued!

cary-cary-530 cary-cary-419 cary-cary-400 cary-cary-295 cary-cary-321 cary-cary-323 cary-cary-328

Here are few words from the Bride about her thoughts on our services after here reception: “We LOVED our lighting at our wedding reception! My husband was leery to spend the extra money but after the wedding he said it was totally worth every penny. Not only did it set the mood, our pictures looks awesome with the ever changing lighting! Stage Right Lighting was so helpful and really worked within our budget. I would definitely suggest using Stage Right Lighting for your next event! Our reception venue was a large, blank canvas and we wanted to add another dimension to the space.  Lighting added the special touch we were looking for. Lighting set the mood for our reception and helped tie together the space. I was very pleased with the lighting and it was so easy to work with Stage Right Lighting.  Many of our guests have commented on how pretty the lighting was.” ~Cary Thorn Bruner

Here are a few more photos from the talented Nick Kessler Photography of their beautiful reception! A HUGE thanks to Nick for the photographs and for capturing our lighting!

cary-cary-272 cary-cary-302 cary-cary-298 cary-cary-264 cary-cary-452 cary-cary-462 cary-cary-435 cary-cary-469

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