• String Lights

String Lights

Vivamus molestie gravida turpis

String lights  :  /striNG/ līts/ noun

Bulbs strung together and used for decoration.

Whether you call them Italian bistro, Edison bulb, cafe, globe, etc.- string lights are a romantic look for outdoor spaces and by popularity have found there way inside! Even before the rise of the shabby chic event design, string lights have been a staple in our designs. String lights are so popular not only because of their ability to set the mood with a warm ambient light that can be adjusted throughout the event, but also because they are base for adding adornments like paper lanterns, or bulb covers that match your theme! A experts at rigging bulbs of various sizes and shapes, creating canopies over open fields or a backdrop for an accent wall – if you love string lights we know a way to incorporate them in your event!

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