• Uplighting


Vivamus molestie gravida turpis

up·light  :  /ˈəplīt/ noun

A light placed or designed to throw illumination upward.

Up-lighting is the foundation of most event lighting designs. Our up-lighting designs are in a league of their own- rather than placing bulky fixtures with messy wires around the room to put strips of color on the wall like other lighting companies and DJs, our dedicated lighting designers use our top of the line uplightis to make your event glow creating your desired mood in the room and complimenting the venue’s attributes. Whether it be a subtle candlelight glow when guests walk in or an upbeat dance party incorporating UV wireless up-lights later in the night. Color washing your room with our high-end up-lights being controlled by our award winning lighting technicians will be sure to take your guest on a journey throughout your event that they will not soon to forget!

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