• Dance Floor Wash

Dance Floor Wash

Dance Floor Wash  :  /dans/ /flôr/ /wäSH,wôSH/  noun

A general “fill” of light and color across a floor that is reserved for dancing, through the use of lighting fixtures (typically, softer lights cast from Fresnel lamps).

In our opinion a dance floor wash should be on the top of the list of elements to includes in your event! One of the most cherished from a wedding is of the first dance. That is why the dance floor wash is so important because it really creates the perfect highlighting for your photographer to capture your special moments, whether it be your first dance, the bouquet/garter toss, or toast prayers, etc! This piece of the design washes the dance floor so that all events are lit in a warm glow, creating an environment where the photographer doesn’t have to use flash to illuminate the events on the dance floor. When paired with up-lighting the color on the wall stays vibrant and unwanted elements are not accentuated (ie: guests holding up their phones taking photos) in the background. Not planning a wedding? This same concept can be used for washing a stage, podium, or can move and highlight entertainment or speakers.

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