The New Age of Party Design = Event Personalization: Brand Your Event!


Weddings & Special Events are a way for you to express yourself to those that are closest enough to you to be included in the moment you are celebrating and sharing with them! Branding often brings up ideas of company logos and marketing campaigns, but the same techniques can be done on a personal level for your events. It is often instinctual that event planning starts with a color scheme &/or a theme, and though this is a part of the branding process of an event, I challenge you to start by branding your event with a signature symbol or logo instead- something that has meaning to who the party is celebrating. Whether it be starting with a symbol of a bird for a graduation party to represent flying the nest, or imposing the couple’s name in logo of the bar where they met, drawing from things that have a meaning to the hosts not only make the host more connected to planning the details because the theme is something that they love, but it also allows guests to become closer to hosts by connecting to their story!Katie&Zack_WeddingGallery-0458

Get away from the standard themes that the big box party stores have already packaged for you and make your event one that stands out to your guests and isn’t just like every other weddings or birthday parties they are going to attend. This is not to say that you need to get away from the core feelings that make these more generic party themes invoke, but take those themes and make them less commercialized and more personalized.

Here are some examples of event themes that we helped customized! You will notice though the themes though apparent, have a more overriding feel to the event versus the generic details you feel you have seen several times before.



One of the best ways to brand an event is to start with a logo for the event! Even when we are designing an event with a corporation or small business we often create a logo for the event, and though that may sound redundant since they have a logo, an event logo is used to invoke a feeling that will be translated through all parts of the event. This branding starting with the save-the-date, all the way through to the favors guests will take with them post-event! For corporate events, we always incorporate the company’s logo to keep with the cohesive look and feel of their companies branding, but an event logo incorporates the feel of the event and the experience that they want their guests, employees, etc to have during the event, which is often different than the feelings that companies want their logo to invoke with consumers.

The style of the logo should reflect the style of your wedding or event and give guests a glimpse of what your event will be like: casual or traditional, rustic or modern, etc. When guests arrive at the ceremony, they could be greeted with a “wedding this way” sign with the same symbol which could also appear on the wedding programs. At the reception, your brand can be incorporated into the place cards, menu cards, on the cake, favors and even projected onto the dance floor with special lighting.

Inspiration for an event logo can come from anywhere, but should always be personalized to the event. Whether it be a nod to the location where the event is being held or expressive of the love story between the couple for the wedding, a logo for an event should always connect guests with the event often times in an emotional way!  Here are a few logos we have had the pleasure of creating for events! You can see them dawning their wedding in the way of projections with our Gobo Lighting!

2016-06-24_0063-2 Morgan & Aden got married at the Hermitage Museum and to they wanted a very natural feel to the event to go with the garden’s that would be surrounding them so their theme was represented by creating their initials projected in light in a heart that looked carved on the gorgeous magnolia tree in the reception space!

Same Day Teaser – Morgan + Aden met in middle school and tied the knot 10+ years later. Congratulations you two! I see a bright future in you both. #congratulations It was also great to work with some professional vendors today. Thank you! @asyouwishvaevents @littlewhale3 @b_macon @cheapthrillsva @flourchildbakery @snapqube @hermitagemuseumnorfolk @kathyforrestdesign @srlweddings #pastorcorynewell and my beautiful wife @elovephotos was my second shooter. #goodtimes . . . #drone #hermitagemuseum #dji #osmo #sonya7sii #canon5dmarkiii #canonglass #benro #edelkrone #wedding #weddings #virginiaweddings #virginiabeachweddingphotographer #virginiavideographer #videography #weddingvideo #teaser #itsvideotho #gibby #gibbyvisuals #👍 #photooftheday #djiosmo #glidecam #phantom #visitvirginia #instafamous

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Maya & Bobby asked their guests to RSVP to their event by checking “yes they would be dancing with them on tables, or would not”. This then carried over to the napkins and dance floor later in the night!Screen-Shot-2013-03-29-at-1.13.19-PM


Lizzie & Tracy had an underlying theme of being better together and that flowed through their event from their hashtag, flag over the head table, to cake topper to the logo we designed to denote the dance floor! ea6f4ffa-b242-745b-1eca-badb721dec58~rs_729.hLizzie-Tracy-s-Wedding-Reception-0099d41aa8b0-bfdc-edcf-231a-88d64f6d1eda~rs_729.h

For the USS Enterprise’s Holiday Party we were able to mimic their logo that they used for their cups and ice sculputures on their floor in the formal dinning area of the event!

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Branding your event to create a cohesive look can be the difference between a nice wedding and a stylish, stunning and truly unforgettable event!